pot calling kettle black


The monsoon session of Parliament has been a complete washout. Both the government and the opposition are equally responsible for making the House a fish-market. Blaming the Congress and other opposition parties for the washout would be akin to the pot calling the kettle black. It is high time for the government to introspect how the BJP-led NDA disrupted so many sessions of Parliament over issues and non-issues when it was in the opposition.

India Inc. is unhappy with both the government and the opposition for stalling the reform process. The GST Bill could not be passed and the government is now contemplating a special session to get approval for it while the Congress is keeping its cards close to the chest on this issue.

It’s time to think whether the parliamentary disruption represent true democracy. Our elected representatives are supposed to discuss and debate various proposed legislations on their merits, demerits and implications. It is a prerequisite to safeguard people’s interests. Debate and dissent are cornerstones of a vibrant democracy.

Over the last few years, disruption of proceedings of the country’s highest Panchayat has become a new norm and it certainly doesn’t augur well for the nation, the largest democracy in the world. India cannot continue to boast about our rich democratic traditions for long unless we improve quality of our democratic functioning. Democracy is like a fish—the rot starts from the head. Top leaders of our political parties should realise this.

Is it not high time that our political parties introspect and workout a collaborative problem solving approach? Is it not high time to shun the approach that we are doing this because you did this in the past? Youth in modern India is waking up to this reality that all politicians are birds of the same feather!

What the country needs is a movement that advocates pragmatic and effective solutions to social and political problems, transcending and including pre-existing political ideologies. An idea that all systems are inextricably interconnected and that successful outcome can be reached through inclusive, genuine, and respectful cooperation. Such a democracy will reintegrate the people’s voice in identifying, debating and shaping governmental policies. It is high time for our elected representatives to stop playing blame game on each other, and should think seriously for the development of the nation.


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