Cong soft-pedals on crucial corruption issues


The Opposition Congress in Chhattisgarh is in a veritable quagmire plagued with infighting and contradictions within. Ever since the BJP came to power in the state’s maiden elections held after Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh, the Congress has virtually lost all opportunities deliberately and otherwise that came to corner the Raman Singh government.
Raman Singh as chief minister and his government has smooth sailed in office for 14 years by successfully overcoming major crisis, including the one that arose following the deadly Maoist attack that had eliminated frontline Congress leadership in May 2013.
During the last 14 years, the opposition has miserably failed to nail the BJP government not even on a single issue; both within and outside the state assembly. The Congress party, however, is very aggressive on WhatsApp and other social media platforms and not among the masses.
The State Congress has appointed 27 spokespersons and PCC Chief Bhupesh Baghel was personally assisted by a senior journalist Vinod Verma, who has now landed in judicial custody, following his arrest in connection with the sex CD purportedly involving state PWD Minister Rajesh Munat. Accusing the Congress of hitting below the belt, the BJP government had handed over the sex CD case probe to the Central Bureau of Investigation.
During the last 14 years, senior Congress leaders always have “soft-pedalled” when it comes to taking on chief minister Raman Singh and his ministers. One of the leaders of the opposition was even referred by his own party men as the 14th minister in the Raman Singh government as he always took such steps to bail out the government whenever it’s in an awkward position. When the government fumbled to answer questions in the Vidhan Sabha, his strategy was to immediately announce a walkout!
The Congress leaders’ another bail-out strategy is to immediately move the court before the issues against the government gain momentum. Once the issue goes to court, they go silent on the issue arguing that the matter is subjudice. There are many such cases.
Why is the Congress not taking up issues, including of corruption, to its logical conclusion? Are the senior leaders scared of counterattack against them or are they getting any benefits from the ruling dispensation for always diluting serious matters against the government and its ministers? Definitely, there are such murmurings within the Congress.
As assembly elections are scheduled to be held later next year, the Congress leadership is desperately trying to position itself as a winning horse. The kind of aggressiveness which the Congress is showing now during the run-up to the Gujarat elections is lacking in Chhattisgarh. All its leaders are “district or block level satraps”.
The Congress is yet to come up with a strategy to cash on the anti-incumbency of the BJP’s three tenure rule in the state. The party can win the race only if its leaders function as a real opposition, raising crucial political issues of corruption, instead of being seen involved in political gimmickry such as circulation of sex video clips.


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