Don’t speak against the system else you’ll be nailed to a cross


Popular comedy star Kapil Sharma has become a butt of ridicule in real life. Sharma tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him that “Yeh hain aapke acche din”, but did not know that it may drag him into a big soup.

Kapil’s tweet was prefaced with the alleged Rs 5-lakh bribe asked by some BMC official for permitting him to construct his office in Mumbai. But he found himself caught on the wrong side of the bar. Kapil now stands accused of illegal constructions at his properties, flouting environmental norms and facing an FIR.

According to media report, the 18-storey structure (DLH Enclave) in question is at the centre of a probe by the BMC. The Corporation finds irregularities in the construction of the building. An FIR is likely to be filed against the developer and the flat-owners and after that the civic body may demolish the building altogether.

Sharma is also in trouble for making illegal alterations in his flat. He, along with other residents, including Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, was apparently served notice for incorporating the parking lot into apartments.

In fact, the comedian, who owns a flat on the ninth floor of the high-rise, was served a notice under section 53(1) of the Mumbai Regional Town Planning Act in April for unauthorised work and a second inspection of his flat was carried out in June.

Being a whistle-blower, the comedy star finds self in a double whammy-like situation. Not only some parts of Sharma’s bungalow in Andheri razed, but now he has to foot the bill for the same also.

Sharma’s woes do not end here. Now the officials of Maharashtra’s Mangroves Cell will carry out a detailed investigation into the allegations that he cut down mangroves to construct his office at his bungalow. In case, the investigation reveals that mangroves were indeed destroyed, then he should be ready to face the music.

Though the Maharashtra chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, assured Sharma action against the officials who demanded bribe from him, a host of political parties, terming his act to be politically motivated, are baying for his blood.

Shiv Sena has dared Sharma to name the person who asked for a bribe from him. “This is not a comedy show where he can tweet what is going on in his life. He needs to immediately name the person publicly who asked for a bribe or people would watch the whole episode like a comedy drama, laugh over it and forget about it,” a Sena spokesperson said. However, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, threatened that they would “shut down” Sharma’s show unless he apologised.

But, does it not sound that it’s a case of ‘shoot the messenger’ and the message ignored? Is it not a reality in our country that when you face corruption, just pay the bribe or face the consequences? Renowned publisher Peri Maheshwar on his Facebook post pointed out that “If you ever decide to raise your voice and expose the systemic flaws, you will be ripped apart.”

Every stake holder who shares the loot will gang up against the one who ever dare to raise voice against the system. Cases are filed against them and at the end, the system comes out clean and the message is buried. It’s time to ponder again.

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