Dreaming Big: Bhilai’s IT czar aims to generate more local jobs


Who are you? Who is Sumit?
I am Sumit Ghosh, I did my BE in Computer Science from BIT, Durg. Worked for TCS for a year and then founded Globussoft in Bhilai, the steel city of Chhattisgarh India.
As a person, Sumit is a geek at heart who is passionate about technology and latest happenings in the tech industry and has a dream of building a billion dollar business from India right here in Chhattisgarh.

What inspired you to come in the field of Software Products Industry?
I was passionate about technology from school days, I learned programming very early in school, I think in class 5th. I used to code freelance projects in college and make some extra income and that’s where this whole idea of entrepreneurship and building a company in the software product space came to my mind.
IT/ Software business is labeled as virtual business, how do you explain that?
I don’t think it’s a virtual business, although software products can’t be touched and felt like brick and mortar, but a software company is very much a real business. We have real offices, real employees writing code, real customers who buy our products etc. So it’s very much a real business.

How do you acquire customers?
We are an internet based business, all our customers find us online via different online marketplaces and we find them there. It’s completely online; we haven’t met any of our customers physically. That’s the beauty of building an online business.

Who helps you to get business-individuals or government agencies?  How many clients you have globally?
All our clientele have been acquired so far through our own personal efforts. We have reached a clientele of approximately 5,000 customers in 50 countries in past six years. Till date as far I can recall we haven’t got any help from the local government except company registration and company affairs. But we look forward for some government contracts and projects in the future, so generate local employment and increase our revenue as well.

Don’t you feel any threats in working with clients aboard? How do you guarantee the payments from them?
I believe and trust my customers and we have faith in the online marketplaces we use. We used protected and secure payment systems like escrow which protects both ourselves as well as our customers.

What does Globussoft do for corporate social responsibility?
Every year Globussoft recruits and trains around 1000 people, who get trained and skilled in latest cutting edge technologies and get to work on world class products. These opportunities are difficult to find in a small city like Bhilai and in a newly formed state like Chhattisgarh. Globussoft takes pride in being a preferred technology employer in the state. Other than providing jobs, we also provide free training to college kids in their internship programs and give them real life exposure to software industry every year.

Recently ‘Socioboard’ got selected for prestigious Nasscom TOP 50 Emerge companies’ award. Tell us more about it.
Socioboard is our product which helps brands and businesses better understand social media and take actions based on actionable insights. Every year India’s software industry body Nasscom selects 50 product startups and shortlists them and Socioboard was one of them this year. We are quite excited and happy about it and we are the only company in Chhattisgarh to get this award.

What do you feel about the software industry’s future under the primeministership of Mr Narendra Modi?
I think Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a grand vision for India. Especially his ‘Make in India’ program would encourage more Indian product companies and Entrepreneurs to start companies in India and build software for the Indian market as well as the market abroad. I could only say that the future looks very bright under this leadership. All he needs to do is fix the bureaucratic hurdles and empower the entrepreneurs to do what they want and then there is no looking back.

If you get an opportunity to suggest something to him, what would be that?
Well, my suggestion would be to create a single window system for all company creation procedures, right now the process is very complicated and it takes a lot of time and is quite taxing for entrepreneurs. It should as easy to create and shut down a company like it is in the US. The next would be to update the legal framework and make laws which can help entrepreneurs build IP and file patents easily etc, basically create a robust legal and bureaucratic framework to ease the hurdles of entrepreneurs.

What are your thoughts about future of tech industry and how are you preparing for it?
Globussoft is currently focused in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies. We are quite bullish about Big Data, IoT
(Internet of Things), Digital Crypto currency like bitcoin, litecoin
and also on Augmented and Virtual Reality. We are building products and competencies in these industries to keep up with the ever evolving tech industry.

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