India needs leaders with a kind heart, not a 56-inch chest

India needs leaders with a kind heart, not a 56-inch chest

No one likes a motor-mouth. If your work is good, there is no need to run around annoying people by pointing it out. Your actions speak louder than words.  If you work for yourself, you will need to crank up the volume on your self-promotion. This is exactly what is happening in India today. Both the government and the politicians in the country are busy in self-promotion. They work less and bark more. They have no faith in the democracy, because they know not what the democracy is. They have no respect for the electorate and no concern for the country. Instead of showing a kind heart towards the afflictions of people, they use to thump up their 56-inch chest. Their only mission is to plunder the country as much as they can, so that their vision of amassing wealth is fulfilled. For the accomplishment of their mission they slap all kinds of taxes on the nation, hike prices of essential commodities. They spend lavishly from the hard-earned tax money, and the poor have to bear the brunt of their extravaganza.
On which direction the country is moving? Inflation has broken the back-borne of common man. Rupee is at the record low. Petroleum prices will soon touch the hundred-mark, as the companies are hiking its rates every passing day, without any restriction. The debt-ridden farmers are committing suicide. With the ‘successful’ demonetisation and the implementation of the GST by the Modi government, small businesses have already met an untimely death. And others, except a lucky few, will soon meet the same fate. Crime rate in the country is all time high. Lynching in the name of cow, rape of women and children, encounter killing of innocent people and attacks on dalits and minorities are the order of the day. Schemes for women empowerment and ‘Betti Bachao, Betti Padhao’ are there, but women, girls and children are feeling insecure under the present dispensation. Even journalists and intellectuals are not being spared.
The economic, social and political situation in the country is grim. But the government and the leaders at the helm of affairs are busy in their self-promotion — conducting ‘Man Ki Baat’, taking out ‘Jan Aashirwad Yatra’ etc etc – to highlight their (mis)achievements. They used to tell all sorts of lies, as they think that the public are fools. They have no respect for the time-honoured values of the great leaders who sacrificed their life for building the nation. They have no fear of the law of the land, as they themselves are the law-makers. Once elected to power, they think they got the licence to do all kinds of evil at will. They are not ashamed of washing their dirty linen in public. They cast aspersions on each other. And, when it comes to their opponents, they use even more filthy languages. Character assassination is the most powerful weapon they have in their quiver. In earlier times, political leaders had respect for each other. Whether in power or in opposition, they used to meet each other and pay respect to each other. But, unfortunately, today’s leaders behave like beasts and treat their political opponents as bitter enemies.
When will our leaders learn the values of leadership? To be a good leader one needs to follow some principles of leadership. Every leader should try to make sure that they do not over-exalt themselves. Nothing good ever comes out of rage. Instead, a leader should try to analyse the situation with a tranquil mind and then make a constructive move to solve it. It would be better for our leaders to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln — “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


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