January 2015 Editorial


Under the new regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is destined to head for a phenomenal growth in all fronts by bringing in transformational changes in vital sectors. The single most important and essential change initiated, is in the working pattern of proverbial juggernaut bureaucracy. Gradually, the system is getting energized and becoming more accountable. It’s the same system, which working during previous UPA regime as well, with no visible improvement in performance.

Political parties occupy seats of power after winning elections and are expected to work with the given bureaucratic structure. Honest and non-corrupt personnel cannot be guaranteed, as desired, on both the sides. In my opinion, it is just like an arranged marriage where life is a gambling and the success of a marriage depends purely on mutual understanding, loyalty and honesty of both the partners. Unless a proper working rhythm is established between bureaucrats and politicians keeping national interest in view, the system will not deliver goods and could end up with the negative impact on the society. In the case of Chhattisgarh, the difference can be clearly seen as to the functioning of bureaucracy in the times of Ajit Jogi regime and that of the functioning of the present Chief Minister Raman Singh.

After winning two elections, Dr. Raman Singh, in his third tenure, has concentrated on the development of youth which is the largest power in the State, by creating enough employment opportunities. Unfortunately, he too is surrounded by bureaucrats influencing his political decisions. This apparently is not a very healthy scenario as it tends to stonewall the feedback system of any political leadership.

State’s unused potential of youth needs to be tapped to the full to transform the state into a wealthy, wise and most sought after destination for investment as well as for tourism.

The way Narendra Modi has drawn up his own road map and advancing rapidly to synergize all like-minded people towards fighting for common cause for the welfare of the society . States will have to follow suit and take action for reforms that are much needed for rapid growth but with a human face by remaining sensitive towards the needs of poor.

Any worthwhile development is possible only ifpoliticians change their working pattern, keeping due control over the bureaucracy for addressing the needs, interests and concerns of people at large. We, ‘Mitaan Express’, point out this to alert the state government while are on the path of progress, there is much to be done, much to be changed and much to be achieved and it is high time for all the politicians and the bureaucrats to run that extra mile to achieve the goal.


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