Acknowledge problems, address issues


India is all set to become digitally sound in the near future and setting stage for transforming the country into a super-power with the help of innovation, research and technology. Use of technology, connecting and binding all, can bring drastic changes in lifestyle and empower people in raising voice for their rights.

Modi government has rolled out a pan-India programme titled “Digital India” to ensure broadband connectivity at village level, improved access to services through Information Technology-enabled platforms and greater transparency in government offices. E-governance is picking up fast even as the social media has taken a giant leap forward with youth becoming active on such platforms.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a technology savvy leader, who used social media and digital tools to the maximum during the run up for the elections and caught the imaginations of the youth. They looked forward to his leadership to drive this next phase of revolution in innovation and technology with renewed vision and vigour.

But within a short span of less than one and a half years, a series of controversies involving chief ministers and ministers of BJP-ruled states and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on them apparently have disappointed the youth, who always had looked towards Modi as one different from other politicians. Now, people are venting their feelings on the social media, a digital platform which Modi himself had used in the past to react on various issues.

A perception has developed within a short span that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to evade giving his opinion on crucial issues such as corruption even as he talks about his big dreams like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’. Things at the ground level are not rosy even for the industrial sector with a recession like situation is prevailing and the scenario of employment generation also remains bleak as of now.

Major industrial units in Aluminium sector, including public sector units and disin-vested Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), is facing rough weather due to fall in aluminium process while steel sector too is facing a tough time as imports have become more cheaper. Coal crisis has adversely hit coal based industries, including steel and power plants and a situation of drastic job cuts is developing.

People know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not have a magic wand in his hand but what they expect from him is that he must at least acknowledge and share his views on many crucial issues. His silence only creates doubts about the government’s intentions and capability to handle these issues and it also lowers the morale of party cadre.

It’s time that Narendra Modi has to live up to his reputation as the only leader who has guts to accept right or wrong and people of this country expect him to do so.


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