If anybody can understand the social structure and mindset of Indian people, they can rule the market and even the nation. Rapidly changing lifestyle can also bring drastic changes in every sphere of life, including our eating habits. The ongoing Maggi controversy is an example of it. Maggi’s producer Nestle could encash our sentiments as the company understood that we are in a hurry in doing our daily work and eating as well. Maggi gained popularity, because it reduced the time span of traditional breakfast to ‘two minutes’. Now things are coming out, though the lab report is still awaited in states which have taken samples for testing to find out the levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead in it. How can two minute be sufficient for a perfect recipe? Nothing can be so good if it is cooked in a short span of time.

Likewise, critics and the media talking about report card of Modism the so called working style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The time is not ripe to ask report card when the Modi Sarkar’s mandate is for five years. It doesn’t justify the democratic rights of any political party when someone questions about its performance in just one year. It’s not Maggi, it’s Modi and it’s a government and results won’t come in just two minutes. One year of corruption free rule can take the country many years ahead. Cutting down the legacy of leaders and control on juggernaut bureaucracy is a herculean task for any leadership.

Nobody, including Narendra Modi, got a magic wand to change the system within two minutes. It will certainly take a long time to clean up the mess and put the system back on the rails. The Prime Minister has been facing criticism from the opposition for his foreign tours while he is also having vision and strategy to come closer in diplomatic front with neighbouring countries. Within a year, he has left his footmarks as an international leader as well as a strong politician. In the coming years, relationship will be strengthened further both at international and domestic level.

BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi got full majority in Parlia-ment. People, media and critics must wait and give proper time to the party and its government to prove its worth and take steps for sustainable development.


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