Kisse Vyarth Darte Ho


After the beef controversies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) row is playing out as politics of patriotism and the fire is keeping some other universities also on the boil.

The incidents in Hyderabad Central University that led to the suicide of a Dalit scholar, Rohit Vemula, and the subsequent troubles in JNU leading to arrest of student union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on sedition charge have triggered a debate over nationalism and patriotism. This has also exposed the political parties trying to play patriotism card ahead of the upcoming elections in few states and the group of lawyers who demonstrated the idea of muscular nationalism. Last but not the least, TV channels and other media also demonstrated before the country that everyone is nude in this media hammam.

Now everyone in this country has own say on the burning JNU issue. There are places, which we consider as integral part of India, where people raise anti-India slogans on a daily basis. Can the police arrest every one of them and push behind bars? Besides, there has been radical slogan chanting in the past in JNU as well as in many other universities, but none intervened, as everyone knew that it is just campus idealism where everyone dreams of some sort of revolution.

In the backdrop of this, the trouble in JNU seems to be a well scripted political experiment to whip up feeling of ultra-nationalism, with a tinge of xenophobia. Social media, where there is no accountability, is adding fuel to the fire, as organised groups are using falsehoods and photo-shopped pictures and videos to propagate a particular ideology or toll others aggressively.

Some subjects have to be beyond the purview of petty politics. As unity in diversity is the hallmark of India, differing views within the country must be respected, be it political parties, government or the media.
If we ignite ‘fire’ in India raking up unwanted intangible and emotive issues, the dreams of Make in India will go for a toss. This divide is almost scary for those interested in the nation’s growth, as the youth will get carried away by the propaganda with no end results.

The JNU episode and the related incidents give an impression that we as a nation are angry and insecure. Unfortunately, it is time that all those who are feeling insecure should fall back on the teachings of Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita.

The incidents that are taking place in our society give a feeling that ‘Geeta Saar’ is still relevant in Indian Society. The only issue is there is no sane person around to ask, “Kyon Vyarth Chinta Karte Ho? Kisse Vyarth Darte Ho?”


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