Make hay while the sun shines


Apparently created with good intentions, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is now sailing through a bad weather because of its internal dissensions allegedly fanned by the BJP at the centre to avenge its humiliating defeat in the Delhi assembly elections.
Majority of its leaders, including Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, have activist mind-set of raising voice against everything that could help grab news headlines. They have no vision or road map for the development of the state. Because of this mind-set, the AAP leaders are not flexible enough to adjust into a democratic political environment, keeping the larger interests of people in mind. Instead, they seem to be interested in raising one issue or the other just for the sake of remaining in the limelight.
The AAP leaders, without having any introspection, are of the view that the BJP government is solely responsible for anything and everything happening in the party. In order to overcome this crisis, the AAP government in Delhi might resort to populist measures to woo the voters without focussing on long term plans.
While corruption free Delhi continues to be the main agenda of AAP, there are many other things like proper housing for people, better town planning to manage migrants from other places, better roads, more cleanliness, safety for women, good parks and a long term solution to curb huge amount of pollution, the government can focus to win over the confidence of the people. If they don’t do, the party will soon become a history.
The party is now in its nascent stage and is given a lot of difficulties to deal with. With the Congress party shrinking and lack of unity among opposition parties, the AAP, sticking to its core ideologies and doing some good governance in national capital, has the potential to grow at national level.
But as of now, every leader in the AAP functions like an autonomous institution and the party is yet to evolve as a political party with a democratic character. The current crisis is an opportunity for AAP to set the things right within the party, including by holding organisational elections in a fair manner.
When it came to power, everyone felt that its rise is a mystery. Now, if they don’t correct the course, the time is not so far when AAP will become history. So, make hay while the sun shines.


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