Paddy, a reason for rise & fall of Raman Singh Govt


Even reasons behind the fall of 15-year old which was being run by the strong BJP leader Dr Raman Singh are galore, it is the paddy which became the prime reason for the government’s rise and fall. It was his mission to make paddy available at a throwaway price to the farmers of the state that Dr Singh was popular in the state as ‘Chaurwale Baba’ (The man with handful of rice).

विधानसभा चुनाव परिणाम के बाद मीडिया से बात करते हुये डॉ रमन सिंह

Since the Day 1 the Raman Singh government assumed office in the state, arrangements had been made for making rice available for the people in the state through 1,333 co-operative procurement centres. The move proved to be a boon for the farmers. The move, which had begun with the procurement of 6 lakh tons of paddy in the very first year, went up to 72 lakh metric ton until last year, which helped a lot in the amelioration of the economic condition of the farmers living in the state. In fact, this was the basic premises on which the BJP government continued to rule for three successive terms in Chhattisgarh. The same 18 lakh beneficiary  farmers were the hope. It was in the amidst of this scenario that the state government fixed the support price for paddy at the rate of Rs 2,100 per ton. The government was cocksure that it would be able to win the confidence of the farmers  through the increased support price of paddy during the recently concluded Assembly polls too.

Mahanadi Bhawan Raipur

However, whatever followed was completely different, What happened that Congress President Rahul Gandhi and a few senior leaders of Congress party in the state started chanting slogan of increasing the support price to Rs 2,500 and waive off entire farmers; loans within 10 days of winning the elections. This magic worked. Farmers were mum, still they had already decided whom to vote.

Congress Manifesto 2018

True, the outgoing CM has owned the moral responsibility for his party’s utter defeat in the elections, but the blame must equally go to even those bureaucrats who were responsible for the poor implementation of the state government’s schemes.

In fact, it is a common phenomenon whenever there is a downfall in the coordination and team-work within the state government. Bureaucrats had begun to distance themselves from common man, It was when the petty politics kicked off over paddy procurement price within the state resulting in the downfall of the government.


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