Writing on the wall against mainstream political parties


Kitna Halla Tha!  Congress Mukt Bharat, Swacch Bharat, Man Ki Baat, Ghar Wapasi, trips to US, Australia and Myanmar, the great Obama show, Make in India campaign and what not? But the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its government now have started feeling the heat after the Aam Admi Party (AAP) tsunami that swept Delhi, leaving just three out of 70 seats into its kitty in the recent assembly election.

In the post-emergency polls, in 1977, the Congress got only one seat in North India. Now, the entire Delhi BJP MLAs can travel together in a Tata Nano.  Peoples’ verdict in Delhi is a clear indication of how a well-oiled democracy treats arrogance and autocracy.

In the last Lok Sabha polls, BJP came to power under the leadership of Narendra Modi, riding on the strong anti-incumbency factor prevailed against the 10-year-old Manmohan Singh government. Soon after, Modi and his Gujarat associates began claiming credit for every success and started sending out wrong signals that they won’t matter anyone else, and even the party.

In Parliament there is no leader of the opposition now, as the Congress did not have the required number of MPs and the ‘Modi Sarkar’ did not have shown the magnanimity of agreeing to the demand for LoP status to a Congress leader as it struck to the rules.  The very thinking of marginalising the opposition in Parliament, coupled with one-upmanship tendencies of those who are in power, have turned the situation from bad to worse in a short span of nine months.

In Delhi, BJP bosses overlooked suggestions of local party leaders and allowed para-troopers to take control of the election. Gujarat associates and Arun Jaitley, who lost the Lok Sabha poll from Amritsar, foisted ex-cop-turned-activist-turned-politician Kiran Bedi as the party’s chiefministerial candidate alienating the rank and file of the party. The outcome was disastrous for the saffron party.

When in opposition, the BJP leaders always had lampooned the Congress over the issue of party chief Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin. Now, after having launched it’s much publicised ‘Make in India’ campaign, the Modi Sarkar and the BJP have been successful in creating an opposition for itself in the form of AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal the first successful outcome of its Make in India campaign.

Delhi poll outcome has sent many messages to all national parties, including those in power and the opposition. It’s a writing on the wall against political gimmickry, one-upmanship within the party, managing government and party like event management firm, sidelining party’s local leadership and taking the electorate for granted.

Our voters are not dumb-ass to get carried away by ‘Jumla’.  Be ready for a kick if the government of the day continued to talk about intangible things and create political illusions, without addressing core issues and fulfilling promises made to the people of development to bring “Achhe Din”.


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